Too Much Obsession?

The Chicago Marathon will be here in 72 days! I am beyond excited, but also highly anxious about it.

Do you ever fixate on one thing and let it consume your everyday thoughts? For me that would be the Chicago Marathon. On some level I think it is normal to focus on your upcoming race, but is there a point where you begin to obsess over it too much?

I’ve had this conversation with a friend of mine recently and asked her for her thoughts on obsessing too much over a race. She is a marathoner (a super fast marathoner!) so I value any advice I can get from her. She told me she often obsesses too much on her races and lets it consume her life.

We talked about how we allow ONE marathon to consume our lives for 3-4 months.  I know it takes 3-4 months to prepare for a marathon and mental and physical dedication, but I’ve learned that I cannot let one marathon consume 90% of my life.

I also talked with her about setting goals and if my goal of 3:35 was too unrealistic. My last marathon last October was 4:20, so I am expecting myself to cut off about an hour. My very first marathon took me 5 hours and 14 minutes to finish, so I have cut off an hour in the past, but as you cut off more and more time it becomes more difficult to do.

I waver back and forth if I want to focus on a 3:35 finish time or just a sub 4 hour finish time. My last half marathon a few weeks ago was 7:55, and if I held that pace for the whole marathon I would finish in 3:28. I do know that is most likely too fast for me to be able to hold for another 13.1 miles, so I am not expecting that. In order to finish in 3:35 I need a constant pace of 8:19 which is more realistic.

However, having run 3 marathons I know that the last 6-8 miles of the marathon are the most challenging both physically and mentally. My current plan of action is to give 100% during my training. That is all I can do.

On a ligher note, I’ll share a few pictures of what I did last weekend!

My Grandma had a garage sale down in Burlington so my siblings and I helped her.

This is George- we’ve been friends since childhood 🙂

photo 5

My baby brother is driving. I can’t handle it. He is a great driver, but it makes me so sad that he not a little boy anymore! He is driving to go rent “Bad Grandpa”. Have you seen it? Kyla, him, and one of my other brothers and I watched it and cried tears of laughter. Several times.

photo 2-2

Kyla sold plants at the garage sale and made a killing. She is beyond talented in horticulture!

photo 4-2photo 3-2

Normally I do all of my running in the morning, but I was up late this past weekend with my siblings so I had to run 12 miles at night. I now know why I do not enjoy running at night. It was really pretty I’ll admit, but I can’t handle the bugs. Bugs everywhere. Bugs in my mouth, in my eyes, and up my nose. I’ll stick to morning runs.

photo 2

I had a bike escort. AKA Morgan. He carries my water bottle on long runs and provided some light once it got dark.

photo 3

I hope you have a great weekend! I am going to been now because I am heading to see Kelly tomorrow for the weekend! We are going wedding dress shopping Saturday. Vera Wang here we come! 🙂

Do you obsess too much over one race or training?

Do you like to run in the morning or at night? 

2 thoughts on “Too Much Obsession?

  1. I am currently letting the KC Marathon consume my thoughts!!! It’s all I can think about…and talk about (my poor friends and family! lol!) but when you spend as many hours a week training/fueling/stretching etc preparing for something it is tough not to obsess!!

    I say go for your goal of 3:35…it will push you to train harder and just because that is your goal doesn’t mean you HAVE to get it…aim high, my friend!!!

    I actually made 2 goals for myself for my marathon…so that way if I don’t reach the first…then I can definitely get the 2nd 🙂 Ideally…I would love a sub 4:00…but if it doesn’t happen…just finishing injury free would be just fine with me!!


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