Meet Jordan!

Meet Jordan

Over the past few months I have gotten to know Jordan and I am thrilled to share her story with you!

Do you remember those Double Chocolate Chunk Coconut Cookies ? They came from her!

In high school running and I always had a yo-yo relationship. I would lace up my sneakers and be really pumped to run, and after the first five minutes I hated every minute of it. I was not an athlete in the least. I played a few sports as a child but never found my “thing”. I always felt lost as my friends were participating in clubs or pursuing their interests in other ways. I had no idea who I was in that sense. I also did not eat well and when I weighed my heaviest junior year of high school I knew I needed to make a change.

I would run, substitute my afternoon snacks from Cheez-Its to vegetables and fruits, and naturally the weight fell off. I lost 20 pounds and felt so much better. My weight went from borderline over to healthy, and that was wonderful for me. Unfortunately, running fell by the wayside when I began my Elementary Education degree and living on my own in the city until I hit the end of sophomore year.

I participated all throughout the year in group fitness and some light running in order to keep myself busy and to relieve stress. My instructors were so motivating and cheered me up when I was having an off day. I have had anxiety my entire life, and exercise became a way to help it. I was having a hard year and exercise became my way of releasing that energy and focusing on myself.

By the end of the year things improved and I was feeling better and I ramped it up. My running distance became longer and I attended more classes. I decided to pursue a certification in Spinning after school ended. In the meantime I ran outside for exercise when I lived in the suburbs for the summer (it was like a gym and tanning membership for free!).

I remember coming home one day after an amazing run, going up to my mother’s room with my computer and asking her what she thought if I signed up for a half-marathon (having only one 5k under my belt). I was signing up a week late for training but I figured I could make up for it. She said she would support any decision I made, and that day I filled out  my information and went for it.

UntitledThat summer of truing was grueling and tough. It ruined my feet, exhausted me by 8 every night, and subjected me to having to completely revamp my diet. I had to change everything. Fortunately, a nutritionist was at my disposal and I am so lucky to have had the opportunities to do the research and work to help myself get through my first experience. Oddly enough, I became more enthusiastic about training and more important, about myself. I felt so passionate about training, and it transferred over to pride and a sense of accomplishment for me. I felt so good to be doing something for myself, and it made me feel confident, strong, and accomplished.

My goal was to finish my first half-marathon without walking, and I did it. It sounds like a simple goal, but 13.1 miles straight is intimidating to a newbie (it still sort of intimidates me…). I am also the healthiest I have ever been. I love the subject of health and nutrition and try to read up on it as much as I can.

Now, I have one 5k and two half-marathons under my belt. I am training for a half-marathon in September and my first marathon with the Nike Women’s Running team for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon in October.


I pursued my dream of becoming a Spinning and TRX instructor, and I now teach classes locally in the suburbs when I am home as well as at my college during the school year. I also began a heath and fitness blog and Spinning Facebook page to keep in touch with my students and share my tips with others. I hope through the Nike team, my job, and my blog/Facebook can inspire others, as well as them to inspire myself.


Me in high school, 40 pounds ago!


My dad and I after my 2nd half -marathon and his first 10k (he’s now training for the September half with me.


Crossing the finish line of my first half!


Me being dorky and teaching spin 🙂


Now I am healthy, fit, and confident. Fearless enough to enter a hula hoop contest, surf, and attempt to be Sasha fierce/Beyonce for Halloween!




I am so glad I have gotten to know Jordan, and she was willing to share her story with you! Please make sure to check out her heath and fitness blog, like her Spinning Facebook page and make her delicious Double Chocolate Chunk Coconut Cookies!

Jordan is also running the Chicago Marathon this October, so I am excited to know someone else running it! Thank you Jordan! 🙂

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