My thoughts on Insanity

I started doing Insanity last week with a friend and kind of like it and kind of don’t. I have been riding my bike over to my friends house after my morning run, doing Insanity for 45 minutes, and then riding home. I love riding my bike! Insanity… it’s difficult.

My main concern was if Insanity would negatively affect my training. The first few days I was exhausted from all of the jumping around and plyometrics we did and my calves were on fire. It definitely slowed my runs down. That was something I was worried about.

However, I think that is to be expected with the first week of trying anything new. I only run, and occasionally bike so when I try different forms of cardio it takes me while to adjust.

I don’t think I’ll stick with Insanity for the long haul, but if it gets my friend to exercise I will certainly give it a try. It is also nice to socialize and exercise 🙂

Today we are just going for a bike ride and skipping Insanity. My legs are tired from yesterday’s 11 miler with hills. I am going to go out for an easy 4 mile jog though. I personally find that a recovery jog the day after a long run helps my legs. In years past I would take the next day off post long run, but this past year I have been going out for a recovery jog the next day and I have found that it helps me. I stick to flat surfaces and go slow with very little effort.

I’ll try to fit in one more post before I leave for Bermuda. My flight is at 6 am Wednesday morning so I hope to be in bed by 8 on Tuesday. We’ll see how that goes…


Do you run the day after a long run or take the day off? 


4 thoughts on “My thoughts on Insanity

  1. Hi Courtney,

    I recently developed runner’s knee and am a little freaked out, as I’m running Chicago in October. I took one week off training completely (no exercise, just icing) and am going to do another week of elliptical and water jogging only, plus I’m going to get new shoes and orthotics. I’ve been distance running for 10 years and have never had a knee issue before, so it’s a little scary.

    I know you dealt with runner’s knee a few weeks ago; could you do another post on dealing with injury setbacks during marathon training? Or any tips you have for avoiding knee injury/pain?


    • Hi Lily,

      I am sorry to hear about your knee! I know the frustration that goes with that. Awesome you are going to run Chicago as well though!

      I can certainly work on a post about injury setbacks while marathon training, as well as how to prevent knee injuries and what may cause them.

      It sounds like you are doing all the right things though in terms of not rushing back into running, cross training, and getting new shoes.

      Please let me know how your knee does when you start running again!

      I will try to get that post up as soon as I can. I am unsure if I will have internet connect while I am in Bermuda, but if I do I will try to get that up 🙂 If not- it’ll be my next post as soon as I return!


  2. I used to take the day off too, but recently I’ve been doing an easy 3-mile run the next day. It definitely helps shake out the stiffness/helps me recover faster!

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