I know, I have been slacking lately on my blog posts. I am currently taking a few summer classes so I can add an endorsement to my teaching license and they are taking up some of my free time. However I am done with them as of today (yes!!) and can get back to creating new posts!

I am leaving for Bermuda early Wednesday morning and am undecided if I am taking my laptop. As much as I love talking about running, I don’t know if I will want to/have time while I am on vacation. I do have some layovers that are 2+ hours so I may end up taking it just for that reason. I hate using my iPhone to blog.

I will be running everyday while I’m there, so do except lots of updates on that 🙂

In the meantime, enjoy this picture of Charlie. He really wants to go.


I’ll get a post up before I leave Wednesday. As for today, I have to clean the gutters, run, and start packing. I’ll probably be done Tuesday. I HATE packing.

Have a fantastic day!

Any specific posts that would benefit you?

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