New Shoes & Running Wild = Perfection.

You know you’re a runner when getting a new pair of running shoes is one of the best days of the year.

I stopped by Running Wild in West Burlington yesterday to pick up a new pair of Saucony’s. I wear the Hurricanes and absolutely love them. This is my fourth pair and my love for them keeps getting stronger 😉

Running Wild

If you’re unsure about which shoes you need, read my article about socks and shoes HERE!

The incredibly nice and knowledgeable sales associate has helped me every time I’ve been there so I talked with him a bit about my current light leg issue and got his thoughts. He is an experienced runner and I value his opinion. His “diagnosis” was the same as mine- strained muscle. I was so relieved when he had the same diagnosis in mind that I did. I asked him his thoughts on stress fractures, what they really feel like, and if he thinks I could have one. His first response: Absolutely not. Thank goodness. He said if I had a stress fracture there is no way I’d be able to even run two miles without stopping due to pain.

I was extremely relieved. I’ve continued to ice my leg and today I am taking the day off completely from using my leg. I just did  a core workout and upper body strength training.

I am going to go for an easy run tomorrow, not sure of the distance- I’ll just see how I feel. I am literally counting down the hours until I can run again.

This place makes me very happy.

Running Wild, West Burlington, IA

Socks galore!

Running Socks!

Look at all the running clothes 🙂

Running Clothes!

Here are my new loves. My last Hurricanes are the exact same color. I just love pink and wasn’t ready to move on to a new color.

Hurricane 15

I have an elementary track meet tonight which will only make me want to run more. However, I’m excited for my little 4th and 5th graders 🙂 Maybe one of them (or all!) will be inspired to join track and cross country in middle school!

Have a great night!

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