Pool Running

Pool Running for Runners

I finally went pool running! Verdict- it’s hard. Really hard.

I went to Burlington the other day to hang out with my siblings and Grandma, and to pool run.

Of course before any serious exercising occurred we had to swim a little and do serious jumps off the diving board.

Kyla played it safe and stuck to a normal jump.

photo 1-2

Jonah is a little thrill seeker and did a flip. He’s so cute.

photo 2-2

I played it safe and stuck to a simple jump.

photo 3-2

We raced a few times swimming laps- holy hard. We also did things like have a hand walking contest.

And now for pool running…

In order to effectively pool run you need to be in the deep end where you cannot touch the bottom. It is very similar to treading water, but you are going through the motions of running. We pool run 30 minutes the first night, and then another 30 minutes the next day along with swimming laps. It definitely is not running, but it gave me a great workout.

Pool running is great because it allows you to keep your aerobic fitness without the impact of running.

Since I am not a pool running expert, read THIS ARTICLE!

My older brother grilled us salmon, peppers, and zucchini for lunch. You’ll just have to trust me because I didn’t take any pictures.

Have you ever pool ran?!

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