Week 4 Recap and My Stupid Soleus.

I have finished week four of half-marathon training. I am typing this with little to no enthusiasm. If you haven’t read previous posts, let me fill you in. Thursday I stopped mid run (around mile 4) because I had pain in my lower right leg. I took three days off completely, and went out today for a slow three mile jog at a pace of 8:47.

I am still uncertain as to why my leg hurts, but in my head I have diagnosed it to a muscle issue. I immediately jumped to the absolute worst case scenario and thought it would be a stress fracture, but I don’t have those symptoms. I’ve done the hopping on one foot test several times… My pain is strictly isolated to my soleus¬†muscle, next to my tibia. If I push on the soleus muscle it is tender and definitely hurts. I’ve pounded my tibia with my hands several times… no pain. I’ve continued to ice it daily. I’ve also been foam rolling it which will help to circulate blood flow and speed up healing.

Here is a picture of the leg muscles, with the soles muscle colored red. I think this is the culprit.


I am going to continue to take a few more days off of running and stick to biking for 1-2 hours each day at a high heart rate and pool run. I’m making Kyla pool run with me tomorrow and Wednesday ūüôā Lucky her.

I’ve had several “freak outs/meltdowns” since Thursday about my bum leg and not being able to run.¬†Here are daily conversations I have with myself:

OMG you have a half-marathon July 19.”- Crazy me

“Yea so what… you’ll be just fine. It’s like practice.“- Rational me

The Chicago Marathon is in 5 months and you’re trying to qualify for Boston!“- Crazy me

Settle down.. You don’t start marathon training for 3 more weeks.”- Rational me

Those are just two scenarios I go over daily. Multiple times a day. Typing this out makes me seem much more neurotic. Wow.


Basically, I need to calm down and realize everything will be okay. Maybe not as quick as I want, but it will be okay. So what if I don’t PR this year at the Chicago Half- I run it every year and can PR next year. And the year after that.

As for the Chicago Marathon- chill out Courtney. I’ve got a little under 5 months and I haven’t even started official marathon training. I’ve got three weeks to get back to normal. I’ve gotten much faster and efficient and should not worry. The big question that looms over my head daily is:¬†“What if I don’t qualify¬†because I’ve taken time off??”¬†Well, there is nothing I can do. I’m putting 100% into my training, and if I don’t qualify there is always next year.

This is much easier to say than to actually think.

Here is a recap of my running this past week. Am I happy with it? Absolutely not, but it is what it is. Biking is a good substitute for right now.

Half Marathon Week 4

Wow, after reading this I sound like Eeyore. Not cool. I promise to try to get back to my normal self soon (tomorrow would be great!).

Have you ever had a running injury? Did it drive you nuts?

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