I sort of like biking

So I have not ran for three days and am going nuts. My leg/muscle is not in pain anymore, but I did not want to do anything stupid like run on it today so I met up with a friend for a bike ride. I’m going to try an easy, slow run tomorrow morning.

Yesterday I rode 11 miles by myself and felt like I was hardly doing anything, so I called my friend who use to professionally race bikes to see if he would ride with me and sort of “coach” me.

When I run I know what to do, how hard to push myself, and what it should feel like. However biking is a whole new world for me, and I do not know how to correlate running to biking.

He had me wear his heart rate monitor so we made sure I was pushing myself the whole time. I have actually never worn one during a run, so I need to do that…

He told me once I know my running heart rate (at race pace) I need to achieve that while biking. Made sense.

We aimed for a heart rate of 160-165 for the 60 minutes we rode. It was challenging, but fun. We started riding in a down pour of rain, but it eventually stopped and made for a great ride. I run in rain or shine, so I wasn’t going to let the rain stop me. What if it rains during the Chicago Marathon? The show must go on. Morgan was going to bike with us, but didn’t think biking in the rain sounded fun.

The watch I wore to go with the HR monitor didn’t have a mileage counter so I don’t know how far we rode, but I was okay with one hour. I burned approximately 660 calories (or so the watch says. I never know if I should believe those). That is close to running 6 1/2 miles, so not much but it was better than nothing.

My only complaint was due to my boney bottom. I NEED to get cushioned biking shorts and then I can bike for much longer. That is a goal this week.

I’ll finish up my week with yoga tonight. It has kind of turned into a regular Sunday night routine for me.

And sorry for the lack of pictures- I did not want to take my phone in the rain and it is not the safest thing to do while biking. Just imagine me looking like a drenched rat and you’ve got a good idea 😉

Here is the bike I’m considering. My two requirements: it must be a road bike and it MUST be pink. I think the second requirement is the most important.


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