Happy 3 Year Anniversary!

Happy 3 Year anniversary to Morgan and I! I won’t bore you with all of my wedding details or anything like that, but I’ll share just a few pictures from the big day.


My aunt threw me a pre wedding brunch a few days before the wedding. I made sure to turn the whole week into a wedding celebration. Kelly even came down several days before the wedding! Of course I am in running clothes…



Getting my hair done with my girlfriends was so much fun!



My friend got me this really cute pink silk robe from Victoria’s Secret.


I loved my photographer!


Every diva needs a water break.


My aunt was my personal assistant and carried important things like lipstick and hairspray in her clutch. Here I am hanging out in the church basement with my bridesmaids waiting for the ceremony to start.


Nervously waiting inside the double door entrance of the church for my turn walk with my dad. Two of my brothers opened the doors for me. They were too cute.


I was 100% nervous the whole time of the ceremony.



Two of my good friends played the organ and violin during the ceremony. They surprised us with a giant Hawkeye flag that was rolled down at the end of the ceremony. It was so cool! My friend also played the the Iowa Fight song instead of the traditional post-wedding march. Everything else was kept traditional, but that needed to be done 😉


Random tid bits about the day:

wedding things

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