Running in the rain

They say April showers bring May flowers and lately here in SE Iowa it has been raining constantly. I have been running outside daily, rain or shine. I have been asked if I run in the rain before and the answer is yes! Unless it is lightning I will run in the rain.  I actually enjoy running in the rain, as long as I’m dressed appropriately.

I slept in this morning until 6, therefore I had get my run in after school. Totally fine.  Sometimes I just need to get an extra hour of sleep. When I got home this afternoon it was raining (as I expected it would).  I put on some running capris, a running hat (helps to keep the rain out of my eyes), a dri-fit top (not that it helped) and a running rain jacket.  I just needed to get in 4 miles, so it did not take me long (32:08).

I choose to run in the rain for several reasons:

-I enjoy it

-It is better than my treadmill

-You cannot predict race day weather, so you must be ready for all elements


The rain progressively got more and more intense as I ran, therefore turning me into drowned rat by the time I got home. I got plenty of weird stares from people as they drove by me inside their nice dry car. Probably thinking “Does she know it’s raining” or “Poor girl, she looks miserable!”

I generally look miserable when I run. I’m not. I just have the worst running face.

At least my Japanese maple is benefiting from the constant rain.

photo 1


My rain coat did the job.  I’ve also turned our guest bathroom into the drying room.


photo 2


I’m not so sure Charlie enjoyed himself though… as I made him take a bath when we got home.

photo 3


He is much happier now and snuggling on the couch.

For dinner I had a salmon burger, stir fry veggies with curry sauce and lime juice, and quinoa.  So good!

photo 4


I like this quote a lot because I find it to be very true.  If you are constantly waiting for the “perfect running weather” you will be missing out on the days that make you stronger.  Yes, it is wonderful to run in beautiful weather, but it is also beneficial to run in not so nice weather. Running in rain and snow help to make you mentally tougher and prepare you for race day. If you skip running on days that the weather is not optimal you could also be hurting your training. Unless the weather is below zero or there is lightning I am running outside. I save my treadmill for when I absolutely need it.


Have a great night!

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