I really like smoothies.

I am always trying to make new smoothie recipes and creations. Smoothies are fantastic for right after a workout when your body needs to refuel quickly. My current smoothie addiction is my strawberry-medjool date concoction.

Here is what I include in my smoothie:

(I never measure anything except when I pour the almond milk into the blender.  I just pour until I hit the 1 cup mark.  As for everything else I just wing it.)


Strawberry Dates Smoothie

Unrelated to smoothies… I had the best dessert last night! My husband and I watched the movie “The Switch” with Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman (one of my celebrity crushes) and I had this amazing gelato.  I fell in love with gelato when I went to Italy and have since been addicted.

Caramel Gelato

This was the perfect little treat on Sunday night during the movie.  How cute is the gelato spoon?

GelatoI do not normally buy junk food, as I have zero self-control when it comes to sweets… but I saw this and just had to get it.  And it was amazing.

I’ll have to start posting my other favorite smoothie recipes on here as I make them.



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