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Monday-Friday I live a very busy life, like you I’m sure.  So in order to help save some time and keep my life organized and as stress free as possible I do a lot of food prep on week nights.

I get up at 5 am daily to work out, leave my house for school at 7:30, and get home around 4 on a good day.  Some nights I have meetings for various committees I’m on, school meetings, or I’m working at my second job (just for fun!) at a local coffee shop. Those nights I usually get home around 7. By that time I am completely exhausted and want to do nothing.  I sometimes add in a second workout for the day (depending on my training schedule) or I just sit on my couch and catch up on General Hospital (I’ve been addicted since I was 8!)

I take my lunch to school everyday because I do not have time to come home for lunch, and it helps keep costs down. I pack my lunch the night before in order to save time in the morning.

My lunch usually consists of:

Lunch Prep

photo 1-2

I am obsessed with Belvita bars, and take them for my mid-morning snack.  I also try to make my Chocolate Chip Banana Bread on the weekends so I can take that as a snack during the day as well.

On Sunday nights I make 5 hard boiled eggs, so I can take one each day in my lunch.  It takes hardly any time, and really helps me during the week. I also go to the grocery store every Tuesday (because the health market is 20% off every Tuesday!) and come home and cut up my fruits and veggies right away.  If I cut up my fruits and veggies right away, it is much easier and time effective to put them in individual tupperware containers for lunch.

I also take water to school everyday (usually flavored with Crystal Light) and drink it throughout the day.  I’ve found that staying hydrated all day has a positive affect on my running.

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Do you do anything to help you save time during the week?

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