Rain running

Do you run in the rain? It really depends on the conditions if I run in it. As I type this I am also staring out my window to see if the rain continues.

Homemade lemon balm tea!

Along with growing fruits and veggies in my garden, I am also growing a ton of herbs thanks to Kyla. If you’re familiar with herbs, you know they spread like crazy and are pretty hardy. 

Body Issues

I stumbled across this article this morning and love it! I think it is safe to say all of us, runners or not, feel self-conscious about something. 

Hot! (And how heat slows us down)

I really need to establish my summer morning routine. I LOVE getting up early, drinking coffee, and watching HGTV. Love it. However, I also love running early in the morning before it heats up and gets windy. Decisions, decisions.